Here Come The Sun (ginithekiller) wrote in deafpoetry,
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thought of you guys.

and this community needs an update, so I thought I'd show you my "poem"

"Silence is not Golden"

Once I could hear,
Now only silence are in my ears, feeling wind blowing flipping my hair.
"Silence Is Golden" they say, I roll my eyes and wonder if they ever hear a real silence.
I used to have Cochlear Implant, that connects a metal item inside my head and When I turned CI on, I suddenly heard my mom's voice, "gini?" "Maaaaa!" I yelled joyously
8 years later, I started to have tongue tickling, migraines and nosebleeds. I turned off, I kept saying "I dont want to hear anymore!" "Silence is Golden" they say, I make a face, "how do you know?"
in 2006 I got the metal removed, Now I can't hear anymore. I cannot hear. silence is everywhere.

"Silence Is Golden" shut up for 5 minutes, don't try to speak,or make sounds. This is silence, think twice before you say something otherwise you could insult someone deeply.
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