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Monday, April 28th, 2008
7:18 pm
thought of you guys.
and this community needs an update, so I thought I'd show you my "poem"

"Silence is not Golden"

Once I could hear,
Now only silence are in my ears, feeling wind blowing flipping my hair.
"Silence Is Golden" they say, I roll my eyes and wonder if they ever hear a real silence.
I used to have Cochlear Implant, that connects a metal item inside my head and When I turned CI on, I suddenly heard my mom's voice, "gini?" "Maaaaa!" I yelled joyously
8 years later, I started to have tongue tickling, migraines and nosebleeds. I turned off, I kept saying "I dont want to hear anymore!" "Silence is Golden" they say, I make a face, "how do you know?"
in 2006 I got the metal removed, Now I can't hear anymore. I cannot hear. silence is everywhere.

"Silence Is Golden" shut up for 5 minutes, don't try to speak,or make sounds. This is silence, think twice before you say something otherwise you could insult someone deeply.

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Saturday, October 28th, 2006
12:00 am
Dr. Johnson's Response to Gally Protest!
Johnson Page 1

I have been advised by several colleagues to provide this roadmap to the following open letter. I invite you to forward it to other interested parties who may not be on my list.

• Complex Truths and Simple Lies. I argue that the image of the protest and of Gallaudet is being constructed through a pattern of simple lies put forth by the PR Office.

• A Crisis of Leadership. I argue that the crisis results from a refusal by the Board, the President and the President Elect to take a role of leadership.

• The Board of Trustees. I argue that the Board has neglected its fiduciary responsibility and that it has been disinformed, misinformed, and managed by Dr. Jordan's administration.

• Dr. Jordan. I address examples of the ways in which Dr. Jordan has refused to take a leadership role and the ways in which he has constructed the protest as the violent acts of a rowdy minority. This includes the following topics, in which I identify the ways in which information is being manipulated to spin the administration as victims:

o Identity Politics. I address the ways in which the issues surrounding the crisis have been trivialized by the PR office and the press.

o DPN and Dr. Jordan. I address Dr. Jordan's claim that the 1988 DPN protest has nothing to do with the current protest.

o DPN and Unity for Gallaudet. I draw parallels between the two movements, concluding that they are similarly motivated.

o Scheduled Maintenance. I address the administration's act of spreading manure around the students' tents in Tent City.

o The War of Words. I address the manipulation of words to make the administration appear to be noble victims and the protestors to be hooligans.

o Keeping Classes Running and Access Open. I address the fact that Dr. Jordan and Dr. Fernandes continue to portray the campus as being held hostage when classes and most normal business has resumed.

o Students as Victims of the Faculty. I address the notion that the facultys inciting the student protestors.

o The Use of Fear. I address the ways in which the administration is using fear of loss of revenue and fear of loss of Gallaudet in their attempts to quiet the disagreement.

o The Status Quo. I address the ways in which the PR office construes the acts of the administration as non-political and the acts of the protestors as political.

o I argue that all these things accumulate to illustrate a failure of Dr. Jordan to lead the University out of this crisis.

• Dr. Fernandes. I address the idea that Dr. Fernandes is a scholar, a successful administrator and a leader, finding fault with each notion. I argue that if she were a leader she would already have been leading.

• I conclude with a call to the administration to stop spinning images and to begin to lead us out of the crisis.

click here for the rest of his letter 17 pages long, but very well written and amazing - we must get it out there! okay to pass on via email, myspace, livejournal, etc. get it out to everyone!> Johnson Page 2 An Open Letter To My Faculty and Student Colleagues and to the Board of Trustees I am sitting in my office at Gallaudet, as I have been for the last few months, feeling helpless, powerless, and frustrated. When I get like this I either write serious essays or create satirical pieces. I have done two pieces of satire and will stop it for now. It is time for me to get serious. I ask you to indulge me for a few minutes in a discussion of what I see as a rather complex situation. I do not believe it can be expressed in a few paragraphs or in slogans and I know it is not well represented in the sound bites and video clips that are accessible through the press. I hope that what I have to say will add a useful perspective to the situation. On Tuesday evening, October 17, a large group of faculty members walked to Dr. Jordan's house and stood quietly with candles and signs that reflected the overwhelming vote of the Gallaudet University Faculty demanding the removal of Dr. Fernandes. I was at home putting my four-year-old to bed when I began to receive urgent emails and voice messages from faculty members saying that Dr. Jordan had agreed to meet with five faculty members and that, somehow, I had been proposed as one of the members of the delegation. I do not see myself as a spokesperson for the faculty, but I agreed to attend the meeting, scheduled for ten o'clock Wednesday morning and subsequently to attend another meeting with Dr. Fernandes. After some scheduling difficulties, the meeting with Dr. Fernandes took place last Thursday afternoon. The meeting with Dr. Jordan finally happened yesterday, Tuesday, October 24. Both meetings were frustrating and each made it clear that our two appointed leaders do not see conversation with the faculty as leading to a solution to the crisis. Our hopes that we would be able to use the meetings to help end the crisis were not realized. At the same time, I am seeing that the press is unable to get a grip on what I think are the actual issues at hand in the protest and in the context at large. This letter is a commentary on my perceptions, opinions, and beliefs about the current situation at Gallaudet. It is what I – a long-time academic and dedicated member of the faculty and a professional anthropologist – see in the continuing restless situation. My observations are based officially on twenty-seven years of Collapse )
Sunday, April 16th, 2006
9:37 pm
Looking for Deaf performers for the fall
Hi everyone,

I recently took the reins of my college's ASL Collective (at Hampshire College in MA), and as part of that I amsupposed to organize a Deaf event for the coming semester. I waswondering if anyone had any personal recommendations of Deafperformers, presenters, or groups that you've seen. We recently (justthis weekend actually) hosted a performance of the Flying Words Projectwith Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner, and that got a great response fromthe community. We had a fair number of students come, but even moreexciting was the fact that about 2/3 of the audience were Deaf peoplefrom the area who heard about the event. We're looking to do somethingsimilar in the fall, but with different performers.

Does anyonehave recommendations of really good Deaf performers that we might tryto book for the fall? Any stories you have to tell about performancesyou've seen would also be appreciated.

Many thanks,


*crossposted in a few places*

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Saturday, February 11th, 2006
5:58 pm
I'm the new member of this community,and im curious,if this community is related to deaf poets,or how deaf feelings in poetry?
ill be posting shortly with my poem!
12:53 pm
Hello, I'm here.. probably won't be posting any poetry, not much of a poet, but I'll definitely enjoy reading anything posted. =) Wonderful idea.

Current Mood: excited
6:55 am
I'm on board...
Nice idea, deaf poetry -- I've joined. Are there any rules for this community? What I'm curious to know is, should poetry contributions here be limited to hearing-disability-related topics, or can poetic topics be about anything as long as they were written by ourselves and our deaf and HOH peers?
8:03 am
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